Dean Starkman

Out of the two readings I agree with Confidence Game. Article by Dean Starkman, Columbia Journalism Review. Not only is this article explaining the change of Journalism and where its going but also provides those beliefs with a lot of sources. The reading begins with the introduction of writer, Ida M. Tarbell. She forever changed the face of Journalism when what was planned to be a three part series, became a national sensation. Journalism was never the same.  It was now on how many readers you got and how many of the stories you sold. Dean Starkman, the author of this article mentions that industrial-age journalism is dead. He provides evidence, “Newspaper company stocks are trading for less than $1 a share. Great newsrooms have been cut down like so many sheaves of wheat”. Starkman gives a list of people we should be lucky to have. He says, “Together their ideas form what I will call the future-of-news(FON) consensus”. He also says, “The FON consensus is hopeful and young (or purports to represent the youth). He calls these new voices a modern marvel.  I completely agree as these stories have become public-interest reporting. The engagement with readers has definitely increased. He says what Tarbell did was that she was always in collaboration with the community. She looked for what people were interested in. One other thing Starkman talks about, of course that I agree on, is that Wikipedia is the frontrunner of the networked future. Journalist now, aren’t just creating great stories, but products that sell!  Out of the two readings I liked this one because of the amount of sources provided and its arguments. The second reading seemed way to bias, too negative. For example it included the following: “Starkman doesn’t just criticize us… If you believed, as Starkman clearly does, that this view is not just incorrect but odious”. I definitely agree with the first reading for many reasons, but mostly  because I truly believe that customers are now in charge, that’s nothing but the truth.



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4 responses to “Dean Starkman

  1. Mario, it sounds like you found the amount of evidence and the writing style in Starkman’s article to be compelling, but ultimately, I think you agreed with Shirky’s points: that “customers” are in charge, that “we” want crowdsourced news, that crowdsourced news can and is becoming a perfectly fine substitute for the traditional news that Starkman advocates. I think Starkman is being sarcastic when he says we should feel “lucky” to have the FON advocates because he thinks we’re losing a lot that’s going unacknowledged in the Shirky arguments. You’re right that Shirky sounds defensive, but I think you might want to read some materials on his website, as you’ll probably find him pretty compelling: You’ll probably also enjoy reading some of your classmates’ responses to see their takes on these writers.

  2. oops. Thanks Professor 🙂

  3. It’s interesting because I actually disagreed with Starkman, but after reading your blog, I now agree with some of the things he said. A key topic that you mention is that Starkman believes that Wikipedia is the “frontrunner of the network’s future,” which is definitely true. It’s amazing that a source like wikipedia has the power to dominate news sources

  4. I think Wikipedia is only the frontrunner of the network’s future because of its collaborative nature. As I pointed out in my post, Wikipedia itself isn’t actually creating the news; it just provides a medium through which to share it. This is what Shirky argues news institutions need to become. The thing that makes news organizations different is that they at least attempt to provide us with an analytical look at the world.

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